Super Proud to Announce we have Sponsored a Rugby Player!

We were recently invited to a Sponsor’s Evening at Taunton Rugby Club.

Alongside other local businesses and established sponsors of the club we were treated to some lovely wine and nibbles.

We were shown profiles of all the players at the club and invited to partake in a silent bidding auction! Very exciting! To be totally honest we didn’t really intend to become a sponsor. However, the team at the club did such an amazing job of showing how passionate they were for the Club and its players if was difficult not to want to be a part of it!

Keith Brooking – Manager of the Club helped us to choose Chris Francis (Hooker) We put in our bid and waited to see if we were successful!………We were!

Very chuffed to say it was a extremely worthwhile investment. Chris has already played in the 1st three matches! We went to the match on Saturday 16th September and witnessed Chris score the first try! We got a little over excited at this point…have the sore throat to prove it too!

So, if you have ever considered sponsoring a local sports star…do it!

All the clubs need a bit of help and it is an absolute pleasure to be able to do this for our local rugby team!

We will keep you all updated as the year progresses….certainly been an amazing start!